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Here is a blog chronicling some of the (mis)adventures of Spud and his family during their June-August 2014, 17,000km trip in Sparky, a Tesla Model S electric car. Sparky is traveling through parts of the U.S., eastern Canada, New York, and back home, but not necessarily in that order.

Blog URL: http://elektriktrek.postach.io

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<![CDATA[Vancouver to Spokane Washington to Portland Oregon]]>Wed, 14 May 2014 03:18:42 GMThttp://bcteslaowners.com/road-trips/vancouver-to-portland-oregonHi Tesla Owners:
Just completed a fun Supercharger road trip solo to Portland in my white SP85 to catch a concert and coffee and then off to Spokane for some NCAA Basketball Sweet 16 games. Found a great 100 year old BNB in Spokane to stay with a Charger! Odell House - tell them Allan from Canada sent you as I promised I would. They have chickens so fresh eggs every morning, great big rooms and no hassle charging when you need it most. See more below. 
Day 1 
Leave Vancouver with full range mode, top off in Burlington for 30 minutes, then clear sailing past Seattle to Centralia. Lunch and shopping for an hour then down to Portland. Stopped in at the Tesla Dealer who kindly allowed me to charge, found a local hotel and then spent the day in Portland. Sunny bright and with more trees in bloom than Vancouver, quite beautiful. Decided to check out some restaurants featured in the TV show Diner, Drive Ins and Dives, enjoyed a few of them especially these http://noblepig.com/2009/11/diners-drive-ins-and-dives-tour-of-portland-oregon/

Day 2 
In and around Portland then leave for Spokane later in the day. Back up to Centralia to top up then off through the mountains at dusk, HWY 12, snow capped, twisting roads to Ellensburg with 25 miles left. Note I drove with no concern for mileage, 70-80 MPH full heat and full radio calling down songs at will. Note also have installed a small hard drive with tunes for the mountains when reception is bad. At Ellensburg met a Tesla owner from Yakima who was amazed I came from Portland, he was too nervous to try. 171 miles 3 hours. After topping up could have gone to Spokane but went part way and stayed the night plugged into 110V. 

Day 3 
Rolled into Spokane at 9:30 am with 30 miles left and straight to the Odell House http://www.theodellhouse.com/ and plugged in to get some juice. They made me at home while they made up the rooms. Got my bearings and then headed out to find tickets from the scalpers, enjoyed two NCAA Basketball games and went home to bed.
Day 4 
Headed for home early with a full charge, straight to Ellensburg to top up for an hour. Found a great Mexican restaurant there within walking distance. http://www.yelp.ca/biz/fidelinas-taqueria-ellensburg It was great and by the time I walked back was fully charged. Walking back saw people leaning out of a pick up truck taking pictures and asked if they wanted to see inside "Hell yeah!" so opened it up and showed them the inside. Turned out he was an electrician teacher who was teaching EV installations in his class. Saw tumble weeds piled along the fences as I drove through the Okanagon like scenery.
Then straight to Burlington, hit the washroom and had enough emergency miles by the time I got back, home by evening. Then of course washed the car, tip - put it in high mode and you don' have to bend down so far. Plugged into my home charger and contemplated my plus 1000k road trip with not cost for fuel. 
It really is a beautiful car for long distance travel, fun at speed, a dream to handle through mountain curves, feeling safe, and having good music at will to enjoy the solitude of the open road.
Happy Travels
<![CDATA[Whistler]]>Tue, 11 Feb 2014 00:30:04 GMThttp://bcteslaowners.com/road-trips/hov-lanesPicture
Places to charge in Whistler, BC